One of Oregon's fastest growing corporations helps other businesses from all over the country grow larger. Talented visionaries from this company are also planning a sister venture called SapientVillage, a futuristic online venue that could leapfrog a variety of popular apps and websites available today. For our new venture, we currently seek Interns who will contribute in two complementary ways, both as a Research Intern and as a Business Intern. We seek hardworking and creative college students and graduates who feel motivated and ready to launch a rewarding and solid career path.  We also have fun while working and welcome lighthearted humor.

Minimum Requirements for All Applicants
∙  A 3.5 college GPA or higher with any major
∙  90 college credits or more completed
∙  Live in or near Eugene, Oregon

What Do SapientVillage Interns Do?
Each Intern serves two different roles:
∙ As a Research Intern, you would help plan,
design and build prototypes through many
tasks, such as finding useful web pages,
raising thoughtful questions, and discovering
insights about human preferences.
∙ As a Business Intern you would help im-
plement a contract from our corporate sponsor
by rotating through a variety of business roles,
such as creating marketing promotions and
processing purchase orders and invoices.

The Commitment We Seek
∙  At least 10 hours weekly, split between
  research and business tasks
∙  One full year, with a flexible start date

What SapientVillage Offers Interns
Besides learning much from research and
business roles, SapientVillage will either offer
unpaid interns a letter of recommendation
or a superb, full-time position upon graduation
(further details above the form to the right).

If we accept you as a SapientVillage Intern and you finish a successful internship, SapientVillage will offer one of the following, depending on what you accomplish:
∙  A very good letter of recommendation to help you land a good job elsewhere.
∙  An excellent letter of recommendation to help you get a great job elsewhere.
∙  An outstanding job offer for a salaried position that will include full benefits.





*Include the total number of college credits that will appear on your transcript by June 2013.  Also include the actual GPA that appears on your current college transcript (even it it excludes grades that you haven't received yet).  After you click the Submit Button above, a confirmation message will explain what comes next . . . .